My name is Kris Smith and I’m known online as TheBlackTechie™. I have a MBA in Management of Technology and a Certificate of Global Leadership: Conducting Business in China.

  • I’m a business technology consultant and strategist that specializes in tech operations + virtual CTO services. I am also a corporate tech trainer, podcaster, and youtuber.
  • I teach intermediate/advanced strategies to service-based businesses, who are looking to grow or scale their community and monetize it using proven text marketing strategies.
  • I provide done-for-you VIP days for serviced-based businesses who want to gain more clarity, insight, and strategy when it comes to ConvertKit or SuperPhone. I also provide corporate tech training on ConvertKit, Hopin or SuperPhone.
  • I write weekly articles where I share content pertaining to advanced tech tips for your service-based business, advanced text marketing (and SuperPhone) strategies, and keeping up with kris (my personal newsletter).